logo_barracuda_main-for-light-backgroundsSecurity and anti-virus protection are the two biggest concerns for managers today.  With the growth of e-mail and the internet in day to day business, the likelihood for widespread virus outbreaks has also grown.  More and more companies are finding that while they have the infrastructure to connect them to the internet they lack some basic technologies to also protect them from it’s potential pitfalls.  Implementing network based anti-virus solutions and firewall protection has been a staple of our business.  Using software from Symantec we have helped many clients eliminate dell_partnercostly virus outbreaks and down time caused by them.   By implementing hardware technologies from Barracuda and Dell we have assisted scores of businesses close their doors to potential hackers and keep their networks safe.

CustomSoft can help your company identify potential areas for improvement in both of these areas by doing a network audit.  Whether it be applying network based policies, setting up anti-virus protection or implementing firewall technologies we can help your company secure and protect your IT investment.

CustomSoft is an authorized reseller of Dell, Sonicwall, Barracuda, Symantec, and Microsoft Licensing.  Call 503-669-8250 or email for a quote.